Your client journey

What you can expect from us

We understand you’re likely to have questions about how this all works, which is why we always give prospective clients the opportunity to meet with us first and understand more about how we will support and work with you. We’ve also put together the following information on what we’ll ask from you, and what you’ll receive from us at each stage of our journey together.

Stage 1

Getting to know you

It's time to get to know you and gain an understanding of your current situation, future aspirations, needs and emotions. Sure, we will assess your financial knowledge, attitude to risk and capacity for loss but we also need to know how you feel about your financial self, what you enjoy, what keeps you awake at night and importantly, what you want to do with your money and the life you want to lead. We do not charge for this meeting (which can be in person or virtual, to suit you) and we will clearly lay out any future costs and charges for the next stages, should you decide to move forward.

Stage 2

Getting to know you more

In this meeting, we will pull together a full picture of your existing assets and liabilities, including pensions, savings, investments and protection schemes. We will analyse all the information to assess suitability and see how everything fits with your current situation and future aspirations.

Stage 3

The plan

By now we should know everything we can about you and it’s time to build your financial plan. With cashflow modelling at its core this will be a logical, sensible and scientific route to help you understand what you need to do to protect your financial freedom. Most importantly, this will be bespoke to you and not generated from pressing a few buttons on a computer.

Stage 4


Having sent our initial report to you, it’s time to meet again and run it through to make sure that you understand it and we have understood you correctly. We can tweak and change, as appropriate, to ensure that we have everything just right. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to ask questions to make sure that you fully understand everything.

Stage 5

Implementing the plan

Once we have agreed that our suggestions meet your expectations and requirements, we will start to implement things for you. We will help you complete the necessary paperwork and arrange everything on your behalf.

Stage 6

Monitor and review

Nothing stands still in this life and over time many things can change such as the economic environment and legislation. You will also have life events which will make you re-evaluate what is important to you. We will therefore regularly review the strategy we have set out for you, developing it as life changes. At our regular meetings, we review your current situation, update you on the progress of your plan and recommend any changes necessary to help you stay on track to achieve your aspirations. We recommend this is completed annually (this works for most clients) but we can be as flexible as you want.


All our fees are transparent and agreed up front, with you, before any work is carried out. Regular reviews are conducted to ensure all arrangements remain appropriate for your current needs and long-term objectives.